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Meranti Wood

Meranti is a robust and durable type of wood. Furniture, boats, and the construction industry all use it. Plywood is frequently made from meranti wood. In comparison to Meranti solid wood, Meranti plywood is more durable and strong. Its stability is enhanced by the multiple treatment processes that it has undergone.
Meranti is simple to work with and performs well with glue, stains, and finishes. It is preferred for both exterior and interior applications. Extreme weather conditions, however, do not favour it. Beautiful woods like meranti are used to create high-quality furniture. Meranti furniture is stylish, robust, and strong. It has a natural brown colour that is enhanced by staining and polishing.

It comes in a variety of colours, including White Meranti, Yellow Meranti, Light Red Meranti, and Balau.
The majority of Shorea species grow in rainforests, and Meranti trees can grow upto heights of 65 to 130 feet (20-40 m). The majority of Shorea spp species are common flowering trees.

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  • Easy to work with
  • Dimensional stability
  • Resistant to warping and twisting
  • Has dulling effect
  • Beautiful appearance


  • No weather resistance
  • Expensive wood
  • Susceptible to insect attacks
  • Need regular maintenance
  • Hard to identify
  • Poor durability and strength