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Sal Wood

Sal Wood

Sal Wood is the name given to wood that comes from sal trees. Compared to Teak, it is less expensive. The straight and cylindrical shape of Sal trees allows them to reach greater heights. We can therefore extract good wood from longer lengths.
Sal wood is used for tool handles, inside door and window frames, etc.
Compared to Teak wood, it is not as hard, hence termite control is necessary. Although they are 30–40% heavier than teak, it is 20% less hard.

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  • Sal wood is 25% to 30% heavier than teak wood and 45% to 50% harder and more durable than teak.
  • It is resistant to white ants, termites and fungi.
  • It is durable and water resistant.


  • Being very hard, Sal wood isn’t easy to saw.
  • It cannot be polished.
  • It cracks under exposure to direct sunlight.
  • It is not a good choice for furniture or for exterior doors.
  • It shrinks and swells.
  • When compared to metal, it is very expensive.